Ireland Tour

Ireland Tour ($2,500 per person - Ground only. Does not include airfare.): 

Pick up at Shannon airport (not Dublin) on Saturday and go to Galway.

Stay at the Jury's Inn (or comparable based on availability) for two nights.

Go to Aran Islands (Inis Mor) for one night.

On to Killarney for three nights at the fabulous Crystal Springs B&B

To Kinsale for one night at the Actons hotel (or comparable based on availability).

Then to the Inn at Dromoland next to the Dromoland Castle, a 5 star hotel.  The Inn is very nice and you can use the facilities of the Castle. Travelers can stay at the Castle for an upcharge of $250 to $300 per person. 

The last night we have dinner at Earl of Thomond in Dromoland castle, a 5 star restaurant in a 5 star hotel. 

Return to Shannon airport.

Attractions you will see: